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Thrifty project – dresser turned tv stand

My second project for January (along with reupholstering a chair) is turning this old dresser I found into a television stand. I can’t decide whether to repaint it or not. The person I bought it from on craigslist painted it black, but I think it’s too dark… maybe? If I paint it, I’m going to go with an antique white. I’m also going to change out the knobs and take out the top two drawers and replace them with wooden inserts so that cable boxes can go in those slots. I may keep it or I may sell it depending on how it turns out! Any suggestions or opinions on it? I’m torn about the color! Part of me wants to practice painting on it as I’ve never painted a furniture piece before…

Update: I am going to paint it. It’s too dark, I’ve decided!

Here are some examples of dressers turned television stands:

Dresser #1

Lowboy Dresser #2

Dresser #3

This last dresser has a neat idea for using magnets to attach the top drawer fronts so that they can hide your electronics when not in use, but then can easily come off when you need access!

Sundays minimalist space

This week’s space is my favorite so far in terms of finish out. It’s not necessarily small, but it is beautifully minimalist. I love the white and rustic interior. I think this home is a great example of combining unique, traditional pieces and accents with the contemporary idea of minimalism. More images can be found at design to inspire!

“love this style! I’m not into owning ‘precious’ things and the more rustic elements make it just that.”

“I love the openess and simplicity of this space, would love to live there, but it definitely wouldn’t look quite as clean with 3 pets running around :)