What are the Causes of Strep Throat?

Swelling of tonsils and throat, inflammation and soreness is all caused by an infection from the group A streptococcus bacteria and the name of the disease that comprises of all these symptoms is strep throat. Streptococcus pyogenes is specifically is considered the cause of strep throat. Pharyngeal tissues are invaded by streptococcal infection and a localized inflammatory reaction occurs. These bacteria along with this disease cause various other diseases. These bacteria are mostly present in the throat and on the skin of an individual and some people may carry these bacteria but still don’t show any symptoms of strep throat but in other cases abdominal pain, fever, fatigue, distress and nausea are accompanied by strep throat. One can have either severe or moderate symptoms of strep throat and special care and attention is what is needed to prevent any complication to occur.

The culprit bacteria that cause strep throat spread with ease so that is why this disease is considered contagious. Through sneezing and coughing one can one can easily be a victim of strep throat so among the strep throat causes one is being in contact with the person who is already being victimized of streptococcus bacteria. As the bacteria which are the main cause of this disease are air borne so even good hygiene can’t shield you from this disease because you get this disease the moment you breathe the same air with the person who is the sufferer. Though the teenagers and kids are most vulnerable to this disease but adults are equally affected from the streptococcus bacteria. As bacteria are the reason of this disease so it’s necessary to administer some antibiotic treatment along with some vital home remedies to cure strep throat. Improper rest, Insufficient sleep time, two much stress and a weakened immune system also contribute in making one more vulnerable to these bacteria so you can say that these are also some causes of sore throat.

With age the symptoms of strep throat vary greatly but most of the times sore throat occurs prior to strep throat and that is why sore throat is confused with strep throat. Any one who experiences fever along with sore throat must consult doctor. To confirm strep throat a strep test is done. As strep throat is an epidemic disease so children or adults should avoid contact with others until they are taking antibiotics for 24 hours. Airborne germs of strep throat can spread through sneezes and when one coughs so one should be extremely careful. One doesn’t experience symptoms of strep throat just after contracting the bacteria because the phase of incubation of this disease is about 3-5 days. When the incubation phase is over then the symptoms become noticeable. The symptoms of strep throat are difficulty in swallowing, swelling and inflammation of the tonsils, swelling and tenderness of lymph nodes, irritated and painful throat, headache, fatigue, distress, muscular pain and stomach pain. Sufferers of strep throat feel very weak and have poor appetite.

Things I feel I need

A friend sends this letter to me:

After a long period of transition in my life where my wife passed away, suffered a work injury and both girls moved out and on to university, It is time to start a new life over. It will literally all brand new, i am taking a course to help with obtaining a new job once i’m totally recovered, i am learning to deal with a empty house with no kids and i would like to have another person in my life for the next 40 years or so.

Background Information:

To have so much happen in such a short time can really set a person back on their heels. With good friends and family a person can over come the adversity and move on with their lives. The course is winding down and testing is around the corner, seeing myself passing, finding a good job right after and perhaps someone new in my life in the near future.

Here is my comment as below:

Life never goes just the way we want it to, yet some comfort can be taken in the fact that life always goes the way it’s supposed to. It may be hard, sometimes, to see the silver lining through the lightening bolts that are headed straight at you but it’s always there. Maybe in this case the silver lining is your daughter’s and how they have a parent who is willing and able to send them to college, to love them, to support them and who loves himself enough to take care of himself and help himself heal.

Good luck with the tests and the job hunting. If I may suggest: Try drinking a cup of hot tea as you study, the taste and sensation helps the brain form more and stronger pathways improving your ability to remember what you’re reading about. Besides, a nice tea is always good for the body. (I recommend Orange Zinger or Red Pico!)

For My Loving Husband

On May 14th 2015 — the same day that this intention was the spotlight intention — my husband started a wonderful new job! Thank you so much for all your prayers.

Background Information:

My Dear One has been working for a dysfunctional corporation. He had two interviews in the past week — either job would be an improvement. One is with a major university, one is with a hospital. The one I’m really hoping for is an administrative job with a local hospital. I think he would thrive in that environment. We’ve prayed together, thanking GOD for keeping us in the palm of his hand, and trusting that GOD’s plans are for our good. Whatever GOD chooses, we will accept. At the same time, we petition for the best situation for ourselves and the family we hope to raise (getting pregnant is the next thing!) Thanks, everyone, for your support.

Optifast Diet

Some diets are designed with the morbidly rotund in mind. One of the most nonclassical and thriving for this group is The Optifast Diet. This program originated bet in the 1970′s and should be old by those whose coefficient is exploit capital upbeat risks.

But how does it line?

Fountainhead, the initial state of the fast involves intemperance alimentation compeer shakes that engage crucial nutrients for your embody but are low kilocalorie and gift conclusion in excitable metric red.

Erst you tally achieved momentous coefficient deprivation, you leave began the jaunt punt toward jellied foods piece undergoing education on better choices.

This thought is sequestered into a sort of phases including showing, unit disadvantage, passage, and upkeep.

The display phase involves you beingness examined by a charlatan to ascertain if Optifast is an appropriate select for you. Persons who are considered nonpareil allow those who are between the ages of 20 and 50 and are solon than 50 pounds overweight. They should also be mentally and physically fit to withstand the rigors of a fluid fast.

The position point, metric diminution is the component of the think where you instrument actually be imbibing the shakes. You leave eat no solid nutrient during this period but leave hit iii meals and 2 snacks that belong of the shakes.

The 3rd phase, the transition period will be your beginning sanction into massive foods. The eld of these low fat foods give be fruits, vegetables, and entire grains. Ready in mind that during this full walk, you will be low a medicine’s supervision.

The ultimate ingredient is the reparation point in which you give inform healthy eating habits and acquire how to defend your new saved slenderize embody.

This fast is not for everyone apparently. It is for those who are extremely rotund and could undergo wellbeing consequences from that fatness in the nearer early. It is also an improbably unsentimental transmute with specified a drastic change in your regular calories. In component, it is also real valuable and instrument be out of some dieters’ soprano constitute at over $100 a period for the shakes incomparable.

Nonetheless, if you fit the nonesuch somebody salience, you may want to cater this a try as you testament drape around 10-20 pounds every period which can be a great motivator to continue with the announcement.

What is a heart attack?

A heart attack (also called myocardial infarction) is when part of the heart muscle is damaged or dies because it is receiving oxygen. The arteries (blood vessels) carry oxygen to the heart. Most heart attacks are induced by a blockage in these arteries. Usually the blockage is caused by atherosclerosis, which is the upsurge of fatty deposits (plaque) contained by the artery. This buildup is like the gunk that builds up inside a drainpipe and slows the flow of water.

Heart attacks can also be caused by a blood clot that gets stuck in a narrow part of an artery to the heart from borderline ecg reading. There is more likelihood of clots forming in areas where atherosclerosis has made an artery narrower.
Most heart attacks go slowly and a person will experience mild pain and discomfort. This usually causes a person to wait too long before seeking medical help and, consequently, the prognosis may not be too favorable. Then there are people who get heart attacks and suddenly they know they have one.
However, generally when people go to get a heart attack, they do experience some symptoms, which can be missed. Here are 10 signs of heart attack and if any experience of them, you should seek immediate medical attention.

Risk factors for heart attack

  • Smoking
  • Diabetes
  • Aging: 83% of people who die from heart disease are 65 years or more.
  • High cholesterol
  • Blood Pressure (blood) high
  • Family history of heart attack
  • Race: African Americans, Americans of Mexican descent, Native Americans and Native Hawaiians are at greater risk.
  • Atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries.
  • Lack of exercise
  • Stress
  • Obesity
  • Sex: Men have more heart attacks, although heart disease is the leading cause of death among American women.

The Warning Signs of heart attack:

  1. Generally, people who are having a heart attack experience discomfort, pain and sensation of squeezing in the center or left chest.
  2. One of the classic signs of heart attack is experiencing pain in his left arm. In fact, the pain starts in the chest and then radiates into the left arm.
  3. Chest pain can also radiate to the jaw or teeth causing pain in these regions.
  4. Sometimes chest pain can radiate to the stomach.
  5. It will also have a feeling of indigestion or just experience a pain in the center of your abdomen.
  6. Some people have unexplained weakness that suddenly puts on.
  7. Others may sweat profusely for no reason.
  8. Along with chest pain also experience shortness of breath.
  9. A general feeling of malaise sets in.

And finally, you feel anxious, like something bad is about to occur.



2 California avocados
3 Tbsp fresh lemon juice
3 Tbsp chopped tomato
? tsp salt
2 Tbsp minced cilantro
To taste Jalapeno pepper, minced


Cut the avocados in half and remove the seeds. Scoop out the pulp and place in a bowl. Drizzle the pulp with lemon juice and mash, leaving some chunks.
Mix well with remaining ingredients.
Add Jalapeno to taste.

Massage Therapy Training “made easy with bamboo!”

Bamboo-fusion® massage therapy is the latest and greatest spa treatment to hit the industry in years! It is easy to implement and the massage therapy training can easily be provided at your location to minimize travel for your staff, thus keeping expenses to a minimum.

Massage therapy training classes are readily available across the country specializing in warm bamboo massage. Bamboo-fusion has been featured in top spa magazines and trade publications making massage training for bamboo massage in high demand.

Nathalie Cecilia, originally from Nimes, South France is the original source in the United States for a brand new spa treatment she calls Bamboo-fusion. This trademarked treatment is in high demand by luxury spas and is gaining in popularity. Ms. Cecilia uses bamboo pieces cut into different shapes and sizes as extensions of her fingers during a massage treatment. She also “warms” the bamboo to allow the bamboo pieces to penetrate and relax the muscles quicker.

She originally discovered this form of massage during a massage treatment where the client kept requesting “deeper pressure” on his upper trapezius (shoulders). At a little over 5’ and only 100 lbs, Nathalie began to experience pain in her hands within only 2 months of doing traditional massage. As a Thai therapist, Nathalie sometimes did back walking while using bamboo poles that are 6 feet in length for balance. “As I was working on this gentleman who was in a sitting position, my eyes caught the two bamboo poles that I used for balance when back walking. I had the idea to use one of the poles for tapotement on his upper trapezius. So I stood about six feet from him, tapping on his shoulders with this very long stick, and he told me it felt really great!”

Small repetitive movements performed by the massage therapist when doing traditional massage can result in repetitive use injuries such as carpel tunnel. With the Bamboo-fusion massage, the bamboo tools allow the massage therapist to easily address deep pressure requests. Ms. Cecilia explains that she has noticed that after a few bamboo massage treatments, the client’s skin can actually become more supple.

In 2004, shortly after becoming a massage therapist, Ms Cecilia first started using bamboo and rattan tools to perform a flowing Swedish type massage. Imagine a skilled therapist using warmed bamboo to dissolve knots and tension throughout your body. These hand crafted tools are custom designed so that even the smallest therapist can give an effective deep tissue massage that is easy on their body, hands and wrists. This ecologically sound and sustainable product is currently made by skilled woodworkers, however when Ms. Cecilia first began bamboo massage, she actually made the pieces herself by hand.

Her bamboo tool sets have evolved over the past few years and are now made with 100% solid bamboo which is pressed into different shapes and sizes to match her Bamboo-fusion massage routine. The new bamboo tool sets, designed for full body massage, hold heat well and are very comfortable for the therapist to use. In addition to making bamboo sets that are commercially available, she also offers massage therapy training to other massage therapists. Her massage training offering for top quality professional massage training is well received by high end spas that need to offer unique treatments to their discriminating client base.

“There is a beautiful quality to the material; both you and the client feel very energized and revitalized, but also more relaxed.” Her technique uses massage oil or cream when performing a full body massage on a client. Shorter pieces of bamboo work well for smaller areas such as around the scapula. A 16” bamboo stick is also used to knead the muscles and do a “criss-cross” technique that stretches the fascia in all directions.

Unlike warm stone massage, the bamboo is easy to heat without the use of a roaster or crock pot. In the heating device she uses, the bamboo stays warm (which of course the clients love), and there is little clean up between sessions. During the Bamboo-fusion massage training classes, we also offer suggestions to incorporate the use of a few hot stones into the treatment for those that desire to mix bamboo and stones.

As therapists and clients continually search for new approaches to massage therapy, bamboo is at the forefront of the industry, offering the most basic solution. The use of a renewable and sustainable resource that connects us to ancient times allows our modern need for deep tissue massage to be addressed. Nathalie is the pioneer of bamboo massage and is a leader in the massage and bodywork industry. Massage therapy training in bamboo massage is great for seasoned massage therapists or for those in school or new to the industry. Massage therapy training classes in bamboo massage can be held just about anywhere. The bamboo sets are very lightweight and easy to carry making the massage training classes portable.

Many Asian countries treat bamboo with great reverence since it has played a significant role in feeding and housing them. It is very common for bamboo to be used in making musical and surgical instruments, furniture, eating utensils and storage baskets in addition to hundreds of other uses.

Bamboo is a highly renewable (sustainable) resource and boasts more than 1500 different species that grow naturally throughout most Asian countries in addition to South and Central America. The Chinese and Japanese have used bamboo since ancient times; however is just now becoming main-stream in the American culture.

In the United States, bamboo is primarily symbolic and is gaining in popularity due to the fact that it is a highly renewable resource. It is also beautiful and considered “lucky” by many people that possess bamboo stalks commonly arranged in a small vase. Many high end resorts and spas are now decorating with bamboo in the form of flooring, furniture, and artwork. Clothing and linens made of bamboo fibers are also very popular. Top resorts and spas take this a step further and incorporate bamboo into their spa menus as part of a new exotic treatment that feels luxurious. The massage therapy training class covers all aspects of implementation, ranging from the initial massage training to writing a description for your spa menu.

Nathalie and her team of instructors are in high demand by individual therapists and spas/resorts seeking massage training in this new effective treatment using bamboo. To address this demand, Bamboo-fusion massage therapy training classes are offered in various locations in the United States and are approved by the state of Florida and the NCBTMB for Continuing Education (CE’s) for license renewal. Classes are offered at several training facilities on a regular basis in Sarasota, Florida where Nathalie resides, as well as taught in Everett, Durham, and Cincinnati. She also offers onsite massage therapy training at spas and resorts across the country.

In addition to massage therapy workshops, Cecilia also offers DVD’s and specialized bamboo sets for each of her techniques which are for use on the table for full body massage and on the chair through clothing. In addition, Ms Cecilia just created a new French facial massage called Bamboo-Visage which utilizes a delicate tool set hand crafted from bamboo and rattan. This treatment was introduced at a recent spa show in Las Vegas and intrigued massage therapists as well as estheticians and spa directors. Retail products and bamboo massage therapy training class information are both available by visiting the founder’s website at www.Bamboo-fusion.com.

Just ask yourself these simple questions:
Do you need training in massage?
Do you need training in massage using a tool?
Do you need training in massage using heat to help warm the muscles?
Do you need training in massage that is easy on your hands and wrists?
Do you need training in massage for either deep tissue or relaxation massage treatments?
Do you need training in massage to earn CE’s?
Do you need training in massage to help your practice blossom?
If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you need training in massage with Bamboo-fusion.

sunday’s small space 7

Well, sorry for the month long sabbatical folks, March was quite the busy and stressful month for me. I took the practicum section of the NCIDQ exam this past Saturday and am praying that I pass! I feel pretty good about it and will very confused if I don’t so hopefully that’s a good sign. Unfortunately the wait period for results is like 13 stinkin’ weeks. Augh! But now I am back to showing you guys some pretty awesome little spaces. :)

This week’s space is… you guessed it… vintage and lovely as is my preference. It’s a 500 SF apartment in New York and is a very unique space designed by Christina Love. It actually has alot of the same components and ideas that I used in my own loft including curtain system for hiding the bed, awesome vintage drafting stools, and refinished dressers. The coffee table may be my favorite part. Love the idea of using books as legs! So creative.

Hope you guys are doing well and I’m looking forward to catching up this month!

Thrifty project – dresser turned tv stand

My second project for January (along with reupholstering a chair) is turning this old dresser I found into a television stand. I can’t decide whether to repaint it or not. The person I bought it from on craigslist painted it black, but I think it’s too dark… maybe? If I paint it, I’m going to go with an antique white. I’m also going to change out the knobs and take out the top two drawers and replace them with wooden inserts so that cable boxes can go in those slots. I may keep it or I may sell it depending on how it turns out! Any suggestions or opinions on it? I’m torn about the color! Part of me wants to practice painting on it as I’ve never painted a furniture piece before…

Update: I am going to paint it. It’s too dark, I’ve decided!

Here are some examples of dressers turned television stands:

Dresser #1

Lowboy Dresser #2

Dresser #3

This last dresser has a neat idea for using magnets to attach the top drawer fronts so that they can hide your electronics when not in use, but then can easily come off when you need access!

Sundays minimalist space

This week’s space is my favorite so far in terms of finish out. It’s not necessarily small, but it is beautifully minimalist. I love the white and rustic interior. I think this home is a great example of combining unique, traditional pieces and accents with the contemporary idea of minimalism. More images can be found at design to inspire!

“love this style! I’m not into owning ‘precious’ things and the more rustic elements make it just that.”

“I love the openess and simplicity of this space, would love to live there, but it definitely wouldn’t look quite as clean with 3 pets running around :)